Neighborhood Owners Group

Working together to preserve open space & protect the future benefit for the Hunting Hills Community


To secure and protect the real estate within Hunting Hills community, the open green space and residential property values

Benefits of Becoming a Resident Owner

  • Receive an Owner Dining membership at Hunting Hills Country Club or discounted dues for premium membership
    • Hunting Hills homeowners who have purchased a share with Hunting Hills Community Real Estate, LLC receive an Owner Dining Membership at no cost or a $20.83 monthly credit towards any other membership package. This membership entitles you to dining privileges at the clubhouse but does not include social events at the clubhouse or access to other amenities such as golf, tennis, fitness classes, or the pool. There is no dining minimum associated with this membership.
  • Access to the cart paths on the golf course for walking, running, bike riding, etc.
  • Increased home value fro HHCRE owner member home
  • Potential for additional amenities available to owners as the Owner group continues to grow and revenues increase
  • Opportunity to become a Managing Member of the LLC and doing your part by joining your neighbors to actively assist with safeguarding our unique community

Interested in becoming a Resident Owner? Reach us at hhcrellc@gmail.com for more information

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November 2, 2022



All Property Owners in the Hunting Hills neighborhood (consisting of all lots, single family residences, condominium units, townhomes, or patio homes between Starkey Road and US 220 located on, or ultimately connecting to Crossbow Circle or Hunting Hills Drive) who purchase one or more shares of Hunting Hills Community Real Estate, LLC (an “LLC Share”), are deemed to have attached the first such share (the “A Share”) to the address or tax map number of their property, making that home a Premium Home. Upon any transfer of a Premium Home, the A Share stays with the property, which means that after completing the Transfer of Share process the new owner will enjoy the benefits of being an LLC Shareholder.

Hunting Hills Community Real Estate, LLC (the “LLC”), was created to purchase the Hunting Hills Country Club (“HHCC”) golf course at a time when the Country Club was in peril of losing the course to foreclosure. The LLC now owns the golf course and leases it to Hunting Hills Country Club. This created an enormous benefit to the residents of the Hunting Hills neighborhood by securing green space throughout the neighborhood, limiting the opportunity for developers to turn that green space into more housing thereby creating more congestion and traffic in the neighborhood, and the LLC continues to provide for this protection.

Hunting Hills Community Real Estate, LLC, shareholders enjoy the following additional benefits:

  • Owner-Dining Membership at Hunting Hills Country Club (no pool, tennis, or golf privileges)
  • Membership Credit (discount) for Hunting Hills Country Club Social, Tennis, or Golf membership
  • Use of the golf course cart paths for walking, bicycling, or (for a license and inspection fee) privately-owned golf cart travel
  • Voting privileges in Hunting Hills Community Real Estate, LLC voting items

Effective January 1, 2023, HHCC will require any Property Owner in the Hunting Hills neighborhood applying for a new membership at HHCC to own or purchase a share of Hunting Hills Community Real Estate, LLC. Also, any person who is not a property owner in the Hunting Hills neighborhood, who is accepted for HHCC membership and purchases a home in the Hunting Hills neighborhood within 2 months of becoming a member, will be required to show evidence of the A Share for that home or purchase an A share for that home; otherwise, the HHCC membership will be terminated. This change does not affect any current HHCC members.

HHCC strongly recommends that listing and selling REALTORS discuss this with their clients when making listing presentations and when making offers on property in the Hunting Hills neighborhood. Premium Homes will be more attractive to buyers who have interest in HHCC amenities. Buyers may wish to require Sellers who do not have an A Share to purchase and convey an A Share as a condition of the offer as that price is subject to change in the future. Current property owners may wish to purchase a share at the current price for the same reason.

As of November 1, 2022, the current LLC Share price is $5,000.00. This price is subject to change at the direction of LLC management. For information about the LLC, to purchase or transfer an LLC Share, please call/email Michael Turner at mmturner1127@gmail.com; (617) 571-1717.

Questions regarding Hunting Hills Country Club may be directed to Sarah Blanchard, General Manager, at Sarah@huntinghillscc.com; (540) 776-4435 Option 6.