Summer Camp

Themed Camps

Embark on a day of structured learning and playful activities as children spend the first half of their day engaged in educational fun. After a delightful lunch, the remaining part of the day unfolds at the HHCC pool, all overseen by attentive lifeguards and adults. Tailored for children in grades K-6th, these camps ensure a perfect balance of enriching experiences and poolside enjoyment. Secure your spot by pre-registering, and please note that these camps are exclusively available to the children and grandchildren of our valued members.

Junior Sports Camp

Join our Director of Development, James Kasza, for 1.5 hours of engaging instruction each day, followed by an additional 1.5 hours of Tennis Instruction with the skilled Tennis Pro, John Barker. Children, aged 5-12, not only savor a delicious lunch but also spend the rest of their day at the HHCC pool, all under the attentive supervision of lifeguards and adults. It's a perfect blend of learning, activity, and poolside fun!

2024 Summer Camp Schedule- Coming Soon! 

During the summer we offer weekly Kid’s Camps that are a balanced mix of academics and play. You can find more detailed information below. 

May 30th -June 2nd All Around the World (Closed Memorial Day)
June 5th – June 9th Arts & Craft Camp
June 13th – 16th: Junior Sports Camps
June 19th-June 23rd: Nature Camp
June 27th – June 30th: Junior Sports Camps
July 3rd -July 7th: STEM Camp (Closed July 4th)
July 11th – July 14th Junior Sports Camps
July 17th- July 21st Culinary Camp with Chef Charles
July 25th- July 28th Junior Sports Camps
July 31st-August 4th Culinary Camp: Pastry Themed

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