Bringing families together, exploring common interests, and making visions come alive...

Hunting Hills is more than just a club; it's a haven where cherished memories unfold, and lasting friendships are forged. Our social ambiance defies expectations for a private club, offering an unparalleled blend of warmth and camaraderie. Within our welcoming and friendly community, you'll discover a genuine family feel that sets Hunting Hills Country Club apart.

As a family-oriented "home away from home," Hunting Hills embraces members and their guests in a unique embrace of hospitality. From engaging golf events to vibrant social gatherings, we've crafted a legacy as the perfect destination for bringing together family, friends, and business associates for delightful days of golf and relaxation. Conveniently located amidst the picturesque rolling hills of Roanoke, Virginia, Hunting Hills is not just close to home—it is your home for great times and cherished connections.


Dive into a calendar of vibrant events at our poolside parties, fall festivals, live music sessions, wine dinners, indulgent Sunday brunches, and a myriad of other occasions that unfold throughout the year. In every season, we create compelling reasons for families and friends to come together, ensuring that each moment is a celebration of connection and shared experiences.


Unlock your latent talents or refine your favorite hobbies with our diverse array of opportunities. From engaging weekly fitness classes to immersive experiences in golf, tennis, participation in the Hound-Dog Swim team, and seasonal summer camps, we provide the perfect avenues for personal growth and mastery. Explore the possibilities, discover your passion, and elevate your skills with our dynamic range of activities.


At the heart of our commitment is the mission to transform your vision into reality for every occasion. With a seasoned staff well-versed in orchestrating diverse events, ranging from weddings and reward ceremonies to anniversaries, corporate meetings, birthday parties, and beyond, we stand ready to create a seamless and unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Your event, your way—let us welcome you in any of our versatile spaces.

HHCC Founder - Gordon C. Willis

More than four decades ago, the idea of Hunting Hills Country Club took root in the visionary mind of Gordon Willis, Sr., a highly respected and lifelong resident of the Roanoke Valley. Mr. Willis, a tenacious businessman with a penchant for turning dreams into reality, dedicated himself to establishing a haven for exceptional golf, tennis, swimming, and social gatherings, uniting individuals with similar interests.

While the concept of a private golf and country club wasn't entirely new to Roanoke, Mr. Willis envisioned more than just a facility – he aspired to cultivate a community of families and friends. This community wouldn't merely utilize the upscale Country Club amenities; it would also weave its homes around a meticulously crafted Golf Course, nestled in the gentle undulations of rolling hills, surrounded by majestic virgin forests and abundant wildlife.

Developing the Hunting Hills area posed numerous challenges, yet Mr. Willis embraced the task. He spearheaded the construction, overseeing the creation of roads and utilities, and tirelessly earned the trust of business executives and families who believed in his vision. Collaborating with other forward-thinkers like developer T. A. Carter and banker John W. Boyle, and with the backing of the community, the project weathered economic challenges, including record-high interest rates and a sluggish home-buying environment, ultimately emerging as a Crown Jewel of Roanoke.

Today, we celebrate many years of a legacy built on family, dedicated service, and unwavering excellence – a testament to Gordon C. Willis' enduring vision and determination.