Family Programs

Discover an array of family-focused amenities at Hunting Hills Country Club, where we go beyond the ordinary to provide an enriching experience for all members. From engaging themed events and special guest programs to dynamic summer and seasonal camps, our offerings are designed to cater to the diverse interests of your family. Heading our family-focused initiatives is Stephen Smigielski, our dedicated Family Events Director, boasting over a decade of expertise in camp and recreation management, coupled with a background in education and afterschool programs. With a commitment to fostering physical, social, and emotional growth, our youth programs, including the Kid's Club, promise an exciting and nurturing environment for your children. 

Kid's Club

Welcome to Kid’s Club, a haven for kids aged 3 and above to have a blast under the attentive care of our dedicated childcare team, allowing parents to savor all the fantastic amenities Hunting Hills has in store. Whether you're hitting the golf course, playing tennis, relishing fine dining, or simply taking a moment for yourself, Kid's Club provides the perfect solution for peace of mind. Parents can delight in their pursuits, confident that their child is nearby, engaged, and well-cared-for by our expert team. Enjoy your time at Hunting Hills with the assurance that family-friendly fun is a top priority for us! 
Kid's Club cost is $5 per 2 hours.
Special programming may include an additional charge.  

Daytime Kid’s Club Hours:

Tuesday- Friday 10:00 am-4:00pm 

Drop in Care

Indulge in worry-free evenings at Hunting Hills with our weekly Kid's Club babysitting services, available Wednesday through Saturday from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm. While you savor your meal, let your little ones enjoy the company of friends under the watchful eye of our experienced sitters. Secure your spot by emailing or calling 540-774-4435, Option 0. To ensure ample staffing, we recommend reserving at least 24 hours in advance.

Evening Kid's Club operates Wednesday to Friday, 5:00 pm-9:00 pm, and select Saturdays. The cost is $5 for a 2-hour session, with additional charges for special programming. Make the most of your evening, knowing your children are in capable hands at Kid's Club!

Kid's Night Out

Get ready for our monthly Kid's Night Out event, and be sure to check our event calendar for the schedule each month. Plus, every day at Kid's Club comes with an optional creative activity to keep the fun going! Stay tuned for more upcoming events and activities—we're eager to play and create with your little ones!

Themed Camps

Embark on a day of structured learning and playful activities as children spend the first half of their day engaged in educational fun. After a delightful lunch, the remaining part of the day unfolds at the HHCC pool, all overseen by attentive lifeguards and adults. Tailored for children in grades K-6th, these camps ensure a perfect balance of enriching experiences and poolside enjoyment. Secure your spot by pre-registering, and please note that these camps are exclusively available to the children and grandchildren of our valued members.

Junior Sports Camp

Join our Director of Development, James Kasza, for 1.5 hours of engaging instruction each day, followed by an additional 1.5 hours of Tennis Instruction with the skilled Tennis Pro, John Barker. Children, aged 5-12, not only savor a delicious lunch but also spend the rest of their day at the HHCC pool, all under the attentive supervision of lifeguards and adults. It's a perfect blend of learning, activity, and poolside fun!

2024 Summer Camp Schedule- Coming Soon! 

During the summer we offer weekly Kid’s Camps that are a balanced mix of academics and play. You can find more detailed information below. 
Children must be a minimum of 6 years old to participate in HHCC camps. 

Session 1: June 3rd-7th (Animal Kingdom)
Session 2: June 10th-14th (Junior Sports Camp #1)
Session 3: June 17th-20th (Cooking Camp #1)*
Session 4: June 24th-28th (Junior Sports Camp #2)
Session 5: July 1st-5th (Holidays)**
Session 6: July 8th-12th (Junior Sports Camp #3)***
Session 7: July 15th-19th (Cooking Camp #2)
Session 8: July 22nd–26th (Junior Sports Camp #4)
Session 9: July 29th-August 2nd (Greek Mythology)
Session 10: August 5th-9th (Cooking Camp #3)

*Camp is closed June 21st

**Camp is closed July 4th

***Registration is full, call to join the waiting list

Reach out to Kid’s Club ( for more information.

HHCC Childcare services are a license exempt program.